iOS-a-Poem was commissioned by Red Bull Arts as part of the citywide "I Love John Giorno" festival. 

iOS-a-Poem is a contemporary response to John Giorno’s iconic 1968 work Dial –a-Poem. The work focuses on how communication and technologies have transformed between then and now, and how our relationships to one another have altered as a result. In the piece, participants receive a mix of audio that includes original audio from Dial-a-Poem, readings of the works in Dial-a-Poem by new human and AI voices, machine noises, and instructions to perform certain tasks. At the outset, participants are told they all have the same instructions, though it quickly becomes clear that this is not the case.

The tensions within the piece probe three central questions:

  • Is our technology augmenting or diminishing us?
  • How do we value information and art differently when they are so (too) readily available?
  • How do we navigate our simultaneous hyper-connection and -isolation?

A short film documenting the work (produced by Red Bull Arts staff) is above, staged in John Giorno's own art exhibit in the Red Bull Arts gallery.