The Gift

A collaboration with Dr. Natalie Gosnell, Professor of Astrophysiciscs at Colorado College

β€˜The universe is a place of many stories. To you, a library; to me, a galaxy...What came to pass, it happened in barely half a million years. For you, for your lifetime, that might be five minutes, or ten. What came to pass, in that bare collection of instants, changed the character of my life forever.’

--The Gift

The Gift is an intimate, social performance experience that merges the private pleasure of reading with choreographed collective action to explore themes of partnership and care. The subjects of our story are a blue straggler star and its companion. To our naked eye, these two stars might appear to be a single point of light, but they are actually two objects; the blue straggler burns brighter and bluer and looks younger, while the companion is a star at the end of its life.

Participants in The Gift gather in an open space. They are offered an illustrated book (with surprises hidden throughout), while story, instruction, and original music are delivered wirelessly through audio headsets. Intended for participants ages 12 and up, The Gift offers a new way of experiencing science that transforms complex, cutting-edge research into a playful and accessible encounter with the wonder of astrophysics.

The work is currently in development with support from Innovation at Colorado College, the Public Theater in New York City, Brooklyn College, and the Tow Foundation. Additional notes on my collaboration with Dr. Natalie Gosnell are at our shared site, Abundant Space Collaborative.

See the project trailer below: